in and amongst 'em | August 2017-Jan 2019

“In and Amongst ‘em” is an emerging fishing brand focused on t-shirt and YETI designs. As the brand’s logo designer, it's my goal to bring to life different species of fish to appeal to those who see them in real life, further inspiring their passion to fish.

MADAS, “Mom and Daughter Artistic Singing,” is a mom/daughter team offering heartfelt, memorable singing accompanied by a live artistic painting customized to match any occasion. Claire McCann performs vocals while Kendall McCann creates original paintings according to theme. Visit the Facebook page for more information or to book an event. 


MADAS | MAY 2018


Focusing on repairing the bathrooms, making signs ,and creating new art before high season, I got to spend a month as resident artist at Dreamsea Surf camp of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Living in the jungle, walking distance from one of the best surfing beaches in Central America, I drew my inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica and pura vida spirit of the people. Working with natural wood surfaces, greens, blues, and yellows, I added some fun accent pieces to camp that complemented the surrounding nature. 

The Mindfulness Project is an amazing little community that exsists in the Buhddist village Baan Muang of Khon Kaen, Thailand. They take in volunteers from all around the world to learn about meditation, yoga, natural building, permaculture and ultimately making the earth a better place. One way they have helped the community is by partnering with a local Thai woman, Fai, to open a cafe in the village, The space has a vintage shabby-chic floral theme with a focus around purple. As part of my volunteering I got to help Fai decorate by creating two paintings for the cafe.



chill out house | october 2018

“Chill Out House,” a driftwood treehouse style hostel in Koh Lanta, Thailand houses a worldwide collaboration of creative expression from all around the world. As resident artist, I stayed here in the beginning of high season to help give the interior a new face. Tasked with making new signs, adding to preexisting art and creating new art, I chose an eye mural as my main project. Experimenting with new textures, I decided to use scrap metal roofing as my surface of choice. The finished painting was coated in black light paint and placed in the “chill out pad,” viewable as a centerpiece upon entering this unique hostel. 

While in Koh Lanta, Thailand, I had the opportunity to create menus and artwork for “Jah Live”, a newly opened reggae themed bar that sits on the picturesque Khlong Khong beach. 

jah live bar | october 2018

I had the pleasure of spending 10 days at Kitesurfing Lanka, a kite surfing resort in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka, to paint an “underwater theme” in one of their guest rooms. With a playful approach to the theme, I focused on bright blues, pinks, and yellows to bring a fun and energizing feeling to the space. The main wall features a dolphin themed mandala, encompassed by a fluidly moving sun to fuse together the sky and sea relationship that frames Kalpitiya’s world class kite surfing. Across from the sun are two abstract mandala filled dolphins, and adjacent above a window are abstract fish tying together all the blues, pinks, and yellows. In the bathroom and outdoor shower, I completely repainted all the walls to match the bright energy, and created a colorful sea turtle with white line work as a center piece above the mirror. 

Kitesurfing Lanka | September, 2018