Welcome to my mind, where I like to elaborate on our existence and connection to the cosmos. 


Each year my passion to

follow this uncharted path 

called visual art becomes

more clear and driven. The

past few years have seen a shift into graphic design,

such as logo and sticker

design, and I'm currently pursuing a BFA concentrating

in graphic communications

at Kennesaw State University outside of Atlanta Georgia. 

Fall of 2018, I took time off university to travel and paint, furthering my experience as a freelance artist. From Sri Lanka to Thailand to Costa Rica I painted murals and artwork for various hostels, surf camps, and other establishments. Now that I'm home, this year I'll be working to get more involved in art shows and festivals.

Check out my projects page to see what I've been up to. And don't be a stranger -- feel free to reach out for commissions, collaborations, comments, or questions! 




Thanks for stopping by :) 

- Kendall

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